About us

As global trends of urbanization and growth in aviation, mass transportation and global trade are enhanced, so have the security and commercial challenges become evermore crucial. Neural Guard is set out to promise the safe & secure flow of people and products utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology.
Neural Guard was founded on the strong foundations and market leadership of Renful group, combining cutting edge technology with Renful's 25 years of experience in X-ray screening software and security expertise. The company enjoys a global reach in over 80 countries promising a vast amount of diverse data and "on the ground" security screening knowledge. We are able to provide complete and comprehensive solutions to our client's needs combining the groups diverse product line. For more info visit www.renful.co.uk
Who we are
Nerual Guard is a dynamic technology company constantly developing Artificial Intelligence based auto-detection solutions for the security screening market. The company combines industry leaders from the security, technology and regulatory fields. We are passionate about technology and how it is best put to use in the security field as it promises safer environments, lower operational costs for companies and a better customer experience for people.
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About us