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Artificial intelligence to deal with threats and security issues

Organizations may spend less time and money integrating and managing disparate tools and data sources by using AI-powered technologies and an open, modular variety of threat management solutions and services. The technology can revolutionize and improve security operations capabilities by establishing efficient, integrated data sharing, analytics, and response procedures.

In response to hidden threats, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools for cybersecurity have emerged to help information security teams reduce breach risk and improve their security posture efficiently and effectively.

Understanding AI Basics

AI refers to technologies that can understand, learn, and act based on acquired and derived information. Nowadays, AI works in three ways:

Assisted intelligence, widely available today, improves what people and organizations are already doing.

Augmented intelligence, emerging today, enables people and organizations to do things they couldn’t otherwise do.

Autonomous intelligence, being developed for the future, features machines that act on their own. An example of this will be self-driving vehicles when they come into widespread use.

How to identify hidden threats

Much attention has been given to certain indicators of potential insider threat actors. However, everyone has life experiences where their behaviour could potentially change from time to time. While obvious lifestyle and behavioural indicators such as an employee becoming rich for no apparent reason; someone becoming more reclusive and disengaged from colleagues; an employee carrying out the unauthorised or suspicious activity; through to an employee expressing strong and hostile views against their organisation, may be seen as insider threat indicators, they may also be due to some other issue such as workplace bullying, bereavement, lifestyle stressors or the triggering of psychological vulnerabilities.

The most factor is that someone needs to take responsibility to act appropriately when these indicators are present.

Nowadays, security screening is a part of modern living and the need for safety continues. The technology used in screening people and their belongings exposes us to minimal amounts of radiation.

Security threats come in a variety of forms and are constantly evolving and changing

AI has emerged as a necessary tool for enhancing the work of human information security teams in recent years. Because humans can no longer protect the dynamic corporate attack surface effectively, AI provides much-needed analysis and threat detection that can be used by cybersecurity professionals to reduce breach risk and improve security posture.

In comparison to traditional hardware-software systems, AI-powered systems have unique characteristics that can be attacked in unconventional ways: for example, the training data set may be compromised so that the resulting ‘learning’ of the system is not as intended; alternatively, external objects that will be sensed by the system can be tampered with, causing the system to fail to recognize them.

Artificial intelligence shows significant potential for detecting fraudulent activity, malware and intrusions, as well as gauging the risk levels of login attempts. By making threat detection more sensitive and enabling nuanced behaviour tracking, AI increases flexibility within identity and access management strategies. IT professionals can use the technology to create conditional rules and reduce friction for users with complex access requirements.

Artificial intelligence identifies hidden threats

Cybersecurity is an effective and proportionate approach to the regulation of the aviation industry’s management of cybersecurity risk and it is one of the multiple uses of artificial intelligence.

For this reason, organizations should invest more in AI to avoid financial losses and should implement security measures for their networks and use encryption on databases containing sensitive information.

There are several benefits of using AI for business security and we anticipate that very soon artificial intelligence will become an integral part of business cybersecurity.

The EyeFox solution for security

Neural Guard is a dynamic technology company constantly developing Artificial Intelligence-based auto-detection solutions for the security screening market.

We want to cultivate a dynamic security operation where technology can be effectively deployed to maximise the efficiency, accuracy, and throughput of the baggage screening process. Our flagship product, EyeFox, implements Artificial Intelligence in pursuit of this goal.

We look forward to working with you, to pursue our goal of a safer and more secure world.

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