complementary threat detection system

Complementary Threat Detection Systems

Threat detection, automated threat detection, and artificial intelligence (AI) detection are all critical components of X-ray baggage screening applications. There are numerous benefits of threat detection, automated, and artificial intelligence detection in X-ray baggage screening applications. While each technology has unique benefits, they can complement each other to provide a more comprehensive and efficient security screening process to supplement and enhance the skills of human screeners. 

Threat detection involves identifying threats such as weapons, explosives, and other dangerous items in luggage and cargo. Traditional threat detection relies on human operators to identify potential threats visually, but this can be time-consuming, error-prone, and may only sometimes detect all possible threats.

Automated threat detection systems use advanced algorithms to analyse X-ray images and identify potential threats quickly and accurately. These systems can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise human error. However, automated systems may only be able to detect some potential threats, especially those that are new or emerging.

AI detection takes automated threat detection to the next level. AI systems use machine learning algorithms to analyse data from past screening data and adjust their algorithms to improve accuracy over time. AI systems can detect a broader range of potential threats and adapt to new and emerging threats more quickly than traditional automated systems.

Furthermore, using artificial intelligence can also help reduce false positives and improve the overall passenger experience by reducing wait times and increasing throughput. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas like airports, where long wait times can be frustrating and lead to congestion.

The benefits of these technologies are significant. They enhance security, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and provide a more seamless experience for passengers. Combining these, security personnel can provide the most comprehensive screening process possible. 

EyeFox is an artificial Intelligence-based Automated Threat Detection System developed by Neural Guard.

EyeFox detects various weapon types, sharp objects, electroshock weapons, and improvised explosive devices. It accesses an X-ray machine’s video feed and analyses it for potential threats while not interfering with the machine.

Neural Guard aims to cultivate a dynamic security operation where technology can be effectively deployed to maximise the baggage screening process’s efficiency, accuracy, and throughput.