Multiple market applications

Aviation & Mass transportation Prisons Sporting events Government buildings E-commerce

CT & X-ray threat detection

Bringing together security industry leaders with cutting edge technology and product design, we are able to rapidly adjust to new threats and continuously develop the Eye-Fox to adapt to new technologies.

Developed based on diverse real threats

Our products are based on hundreds of thousands of real threat images produced monthly at our R&D centre and our partner development sites.

Full manufacturer integration

The Eye-Fox has been integrated with leading X-ray systems via co-operation with manufacturers, providing seamless auto-detection capabilities embedded with the machine's user interface.

Compatible with new and existing machines

Eye-Fox can integrate with any new or existing X-Ray systems, as it operates on the scanner’s video output

Flexible risk management module

Working closely with our team of industry leading security experts, we have developed a unique feature enabling security managers to determine what specific threats are to be detected as well as the detection threshold, thus carefully balancing the tradeoff between higher detection and false alarm rates. For the first time security managers can utilize technology in the risk management process.