EyeFox: A Revolutionary Addition to X-ray Scanners

EyeFox is a cutting-edge AI-based system that enables automated, immediate threat detection with high-accuracy levels for X-ray security screening operators. Using deep learning computer vision, EyeFox analyses images from X-ray and CT scanners to distinguish potential threats like explosives, weapons, or prohibited items from other items in real-time. This helps to minimise close contact with bag contents and people, increasing screening point efficiency and passenger throughput.

Compared to traditional X-ray scanners, EyeFox has several advantages. Firstly, it does not rely on human perception and decision-making, which can be affected by fatigue, distraction, or complacency. EyeFox has a low false alarm rate and can detect threats in sub-seconds with high accuracy. According to Neural Guard, the company behind EyeFox, their system has over 90% accuracy in detecting threats in X-ray images. Secondly, EyeFox can adapt to new threats by learning from more than three million real threat images from its database and partners. Thirdly, it can improve the passenger experience by reducing the number of bags that need manual inspection, allowing passengers to keep their electronics and liquids inside their bags.

EyeFox is an innovative AI-powered system that enhances the security and efficiency of X-ray screening operations. It can detect hidden threats faster and more accurately than traditional X-ray scanners while also improving the throughput and convenience for passengers. Eyefox can be fitted easily to existing X-ray machines without needing to be upgraded.