How AI speeds up the security processes at airports

Aviation security is one of the most important issues confronting our society today. With a reason to strengthen the security of the airport, the smart security zone, which includes AI-based technologies, gives a clearer view of passengers and objects they are caring with them.

Numerous industries are jumping onto the artificial intelligence bandwagon, seeking competitive advantages that can be unlocked by making sense of the plethora of large (big) data sets being collected and made available.

In 2021, it is expected to see the pace of airport security solutions innovation ramp up. We will see solutions that harness data, automation and connectivity, introduced in a bid to not only mitigate new security threats and cater to passenger preference but to better understand, anticipate and shape passenger behaviour.

Why is Cyber Security so important for Aviation?

  • Allows analysis of the organization’s operational preparedness of aircraft screening and guarding
  • Prepares organizations’ strategies and contingency plans
  • Enables organizations to analyse and plan new operational concepts
  • Create essential tools needed for the management of critical situations

Technologies and procedures that can improve aviation security, while reducing inconvenience to travellers, are of significant benefit to secure the entire air security system. Artificial intelligence is poised to take the lead in enhancing aviation security beyond the limitations posed by human decision-makers.

Cybersecurity Strategy nowadays

Aviation cybersecurity should be led globally, that’s a fact. As national, regional, and organizational efforts are working to improve aviation cybersecurity, there is a growing risk of adding complexity across the landscape of regulations and best practices.

All countries need the tools to improve, and any new standards must be harmonized across complex global supply and operations chains.

We can give our participants a broad and detailed understanding of implementing and maintaining a security framework that complies with national and international regulations and airport industry best practices.

Artificial intelligence: smart scanning

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation security training is rising due to the exponential growth in computing power. AI has the potential to significantly raise the performance of airport screening equipment – enabling new image classification and object recognition functions at the checkpoint, which could pave the way for a more automated, alarm-resolution-only passenger screening.

The integration of devices from different vendors, such as tray return systems and x-ray equipment, into one intelligent system is already a reality at many airports.

About Neural Guard

Cyber security is an effective and proportionate approach to the regulation of the aviation industry’s management of cyber security risk.

Neural Guard is a dynamic technology company constantly developing Artificial Intelligence-based auto-detection solutions for the security screening market. Therefore, Neural Guard produces automated threat detection solutions powered by AI for the security screening market.

We want to cultivate a dynamic security operation where technology can be effectively deployed to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and throughout the baggage screening process.

Neural Guard has a global reach in over 80 countries promising a vast amount of diverse data and “on the ground” security screening knowledge. We are able to provide complete and comprehensive solutions to our client’s needs combining the group’s diverse product line.

Eyefox – AI solution for improving airport security

Long and slow-moving queues to security screening frustrate airline passengers. Separating electronics and liquids prior to screening helps the image interpretation task, but increases the time passengers spend at the checkpoint. In addition, up to 30% of the bags are flagged for manual inspection, prolonging the process further. Allowing passengers to keep electronics and liquids inside their bags and reducing the number of items erroneously flagged for manual search, would dramatically increase throughput.

For example, EyeFox is a revolutionary AI-based system that delivers automated, immediate threat detection at high-accuracy levels for X-ray security screening operators.

EyeFox provides unrelenting and focused analysis, rapidly distinguishing threats from other items in real-time. This minimizes close contact with bag contents and people, increasing efficiency and throughput.

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