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enhanced security operations

Image Interpretation Challenges

Wherever Security Screening takes place, there is always pressure on the security team to ensure that the people waiting to enter the facility are processed as soon as possible. As a result of this perceived pressure, mistakes are occasionally made, and threatening or prohibited items pass through security checkpoints undetected. The area of most concern […]

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Are Boarding Passes becoming redundant?

There have been cases where passengers have managed to board aircraft without proper boarding passes or by using fake boarding passes. In 2020, a passenger boarded an aircraft by blending in with another family and pre-boarding the plane by walking alongside a person in a wheelchair. In doing so, they evaded security screening. More recently, […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Maritime and Aviation Safety

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) for safety in the maritime and aviation industries can save lives, improve efficiency, and even help save jobs. However, it is essential to recognise that AI is not a replacement for human expertise and that the human element will continue to play a critical role in decision-making and to […]

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