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Security Screening with Automated Threat Detection

Automated threat detection in security X-ray machines is a valuable tool that enhances security screening by increasing efficiency and accuracy. These machines use advanced technology to detect hidden objects and potential threats that human operators may miss.  On the one hand, automated threat detection technology offers several benefits. These machines can analyse X-ray images much […]

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AI: Friend or Foe

Artificial Intelligence continues to be a topic of debate, and there are several reasons why some people may feel afraid or cautious about its application in everyday life. AI has been almost always portrayed in science fiction movies as a threat to humanity. These negative portrayals often feature rogue robots or machines that turn against […]

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The Evolution of Airport Security Equipment

Since its first use in the 1970s, airport security technology has evolved to improve safety and reduce security risks for travellers and the air travel industry infrastructure. With the advancement of technology in airport security, new equipment is continually being developed to improve the screening process and provide a better experience for travellers. For example, […]

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