Vulnerable security infrastructure

Vulnerable security infrastructure: how to protect your business

Small business owners and managers often struggle to find the time and resources to address their security infrastructure. Some of the top challenges faced by small businesses today include having a lack of access to information, insufficient people with the skills required, unclear responsibilities for security, and a lack of budget.Small businesses are appealing targets […]

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The importance of security in Government Buildings

Security is a key factor in the safe operation of any building, especially for government buildings. Security checks are done at different levels in order to protect the building from unauthorized access, fire hazards, overcrowding, illegal activities, and so on. There are also various types of security checks that are done at various stages before […]

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Civil aviation cybersecurity

Civil aviation cybersecurity – what you need to know

Civil aviation cybersecurity is the protection of civil aircraft and related infrastructure from cyber-attacks. It includes the protection of systems used for aircraft navigation, communication, and operation to prevent unauthorized access and malicious modifications. Technology and cyber systems have become vital components of the modern civilization since they are used in numerous activities that have […]

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What is a Cyberattack? – most common types

Cyberthreats or cyberattacks are becoming more and more common nowadays. It is crucial to know the types of cyberattacks so you can be prepared against them. Some cyber attacks are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), phishing, ransomware and social engineering. In today’s article, we will present to you the most common types of cyberattacks and […]

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5 security threats with the most impact

5 security threats with the most impact on aviation

Global aviation security is the largest security issue in the world today and it needs to be tackled. There are a lot of threats to aviation security. One of them is airport ground access control and this means that airports need to have stricter processes for checking IDs, luggage screening, and other important steps. Even […]

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the security system at public events

How to maintain the security system at public events

Event security includes considerably more than just stationing security officers across the site. The procedure is extremely complex and needs a great deal of cooperation and communication.When was the last time you went to a major public gathering? Sporting events, marches and rallies, concerts, festivals draw large audiences. Everyone can enter these types of events […]

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artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to deal with threats and security issues

Organizations may spend less time and money integrating and managing disparate tools and data sources by using AI-powered technologies and an open, modular variety of threat management solutions and services. The technology can revolutionize and improve security operations capabilities by establishing efficient, integrated data sharing, analytics, and response procedures. In response to hidden threats, Artificial […]

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identify hidden security

How to identify hidden security risks

No business and IT organization are safe in the present cyber world. As cybercriminals increasingly rely on sophisticated technologies, organizations often feel hopeless as their confidential data and critical assets fall prey to malicious attacks. Nowadays, security screening is a part of modern living and the need for safety continues. The technology used in screening […]

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Maritime safety and security NeuralGuard

What you need to know about maritime safety and security

Maritime transport represents a primary link in the global logistical chain. Not only are the world’s seas and waterways a transport highway, but they are also natural resources for food, raw materials and energy. Shipping and ships represent great monetary as well as symbolic value and can therefore be the target of security threats such […]

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most common security maritime issues

What are the most common security maritime issues?

Maritime security has already become a global concern in the present world. Hidden maritime threats could be posed if maritime security is jeopardized, as has been proven by a large number of incidents of such kind.​​ Maritime piracy is not the only factor that can have an impact on shipping. Geopolitical tensions in every corner […]

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