Vulnerable security infrastructure

Vulnerable security infrastructure: how to protect your business

Small business owners and managers often struggle to find the time and resources to address their security infrastructure. Some of the top challenges facing small businesses today include having a lack of access to information, insufficient people with the required skills, unclear responsibilities for security, and a lack of budget. Small businesses are appealing targets […]

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Maritime safety and security NeuralGuard

What you need to know about maritime safety and security

Maritime transport represents a primary link in the global supply chain. Not only are the world’s seas and waterways a transport highway, but they are also natural resources for food, raw materials and energy. Shipping and ships represent great monetary and symbolic value and can therefore be the target of security threats such as robbery, […]

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maritime security

The rise of the artificial intelligence in maritime security

The shipping industry is continually expanding and advances in technology develop more rapidly, therefore companies, Company Security Officers, Port Facility Security Officers and Ship Security Officers need to be constantly updated regarding the best security protocols to protect their vessels, crew members and the respective port facilities. Maritime security is a term that raises awareness […]

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X-Ray testing data

Good Testing Data is All You Need

In this blog post, we explored a data creation method that is the opposite of traditional methods — building your test-set first, then deriving the train-set from it. We explain why for companies doing deep learning, it is a great method to deal with the data acquisition costs.

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