The Evolution of Airport Security Equipment

Since its first use in the 1970s, airport security technology has evolved to improve safety and reduce security risks for travellers and the air travel industry infrastructure.

With the advancement of technology in airport security, new equipment is continually being developed to improve the screening process and provide a better experience for travellers. For example, the latest technology includes computed tomography (CT) scanners, which provide 3D images of bags to identify potential threats more accurately. As this technology becomes more prevalent, removing laptops, cameras (in some airports), electrical devices, and liquids will no longer be necessary. 

A further development is the use of AI. Artificial Intelligence threat detection in X-ray scanners revolutionises how security screeners identify and respond to potential threats. Traditional X-ray scanners require screeners to manually analyse the images generated by the scanner, which can be time-consuming, under time pressure, and prone to human error. With the integration of AI technology, X-ray scanners can automatically detect and highlight potential threats, allowing screeners to identify and respond to any security risks quickly.

One such product, EyeFox, detects and identifies hidden threats. Our solution employs deep-learning computer vision in the screening process for automatic threat detection. Also, it creates a centralised image processing network whose value increases exponentially as it develops, learns, and improves with data aggregation.

The advantages of using technology at security checkpoints are numerous. For travellers, using technology means faster screening times, fewer physical pat-downs, and fewer intrusive searches. This can lead to a more positive travel experience and less passenger stress and frustration. Additionally, using technology means that the security process can be more efficient, reducing wait times and improving the overall flow of the airport.For airports and airlines, airport security screening equipment technology can improve security operations, reduce costs associated with manual security screening, and improve the overall efficiency of airport operations. For vendors, adopting new technologies in airport security creates opportunities to develop new security products and services.