most common security maritime issues

What are the most common security maritime issues?

Maritime security has already become a global concern in the present world. Hidden maritime threats could be posed if maritime security is jeopardized, as has been proven by a large number of incidents of such kind.

​ Maritime piracy is not the only factor that can have an impact on shipping. Geopolitical tensions in every corner of the world can similarly impact the industry.

On the other hand, the maritime industry has experienced an increasing process of globalization, reaching a level of enormous significance in the global economy, with more and more cruises and recreational ships leaving from a large number and variety of ports around the world.

Maritime activity extends beyond the international transport of goods to national revenue generating activities that include fishing and aquaculture, recreation and tourism, as well as extraction of non-renewable marine-based resources, and can be a critical source of income and food for populations at the community level.

​ Common security maritime issues

Since the marine sector is so vast and the massive amount of goods entering the country is difficult to screen, every precaution possible to minimizing malicious exploitation is critical.

Security is not only the job of vessel safety officers, but the job of the crew as a whole, which is why it’s so crucial for companies to educate and train their employees so their vessels have a better chance of stopping security threats.

Therefore, for both civilian and naval ships, there is a need to analyze the threat and reduce the possible harmful effects of an attack. In our opinion, as specialists in maritime security, every person on board of any ship, civilian or military, must undergo security training.

Having tested vessels and onshore operations, there are many vulnerabilities and risks within maritime operations that make them attractive to adversaries across several fronts.

Maritime security is one of the latest buzzwords of international relations. Major actors have started to include maritime security in their mandate or re-framed their work in such terms. Maritime security is a term that draws attention to new challenges and rallies support for tackling these.

Maritime Security Training – the best way to tackle the most common security maritime issues

Increasing shipping piracy threats have resulted in huge losses for the shipping companies, forcing them to find new methods to battle the piracy. In order to tackle this problem successfully, many security companies have started to provide maritime security services, which are custom made for the present modern piracy at sea. In the recent past, several countries across the world have introduced legislation and rules to help the shipping companies to place armed guards on board the vessels to safeguard the ships from the acts of piracy. The new rules allow the vessels to seek the help of private maritime security companies that are capable of providing qualified security personnel to keep the ship, crew and cargo safe.

Shipping and ships represent great monetary as well as symbolic value and can therefore be the target of security threats such as robbery, piracy or terrorist attack.

The purpose of naval ships is to protect (offensively and defensively) national interests against threats during war or other types of crisis. Therefore, for both civilian and naval ships there is a need to analyse the threat and reduce the possible harmful effects of an attack.

To many observers, maritime security appears to be a large and sometimes not fully understood concept. In fact, it has become a large task involving many entities from international, public and private sectors aiming at:

​ • preserving the freedom of the seas
​ • facilitating and defending commerce
​ • maintaining good governance at sea​

​ How can we help you with maritime security issues?

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