AI and Prohibited Items Detection

As the volume of global travel continues to soar, ensuring robust airport security has become an increasingly critical task. In this endeavour, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, particularly in Automated Threat Detection Systems. These systems, equipped with advanced AI algorithms, are reshaping airport security screening processes, offering unparalleled precision […]

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Next Generation Threat Detection Enhances Safety and Efficiency

Automated threat detection in X-ray machines is a vital area of research that aims to enhance the security and efficiency of screening processes in various domains, such as aviation, transportation, e-commerce, urban security, and cargo. X-ray machines are commonly used for scanning bags, luggage, parcels, and other items for potential threats, including explosives, weapons, drugs, […]

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X-Ray testing data

Good Testing Data is All You Need

In this blog post, we explored a data creation method that is the opposite of traditional methods — building your test-set first, then deriving the train-set from it. We explain why for companies doing deep learning, it is a great method to deal with the data acquisition costs.

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